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Inter-Tel DEI (Digital Expansion Interface)


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The Inter-Tel DEI provides three expansion-module bays for DEM-16 (Digital phones) or SLM-8 cards (analog devices). Supports Inter-Tel 4000, 8000, Eclipse and/or Mitel 85xx digital phones.

Cable is not included.

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Inter-Tel Digital Expansion Interface Digital and Analog Support

Inter-Tel 5000 Network Communications Solutions is a customer choice-based solution set. When you require digital and analog support, the Inter-Tel Digital Expansion Interface (DEI) allows you to externally expand your system environment.

The Inter-Tel DEI, 1U form factor design, allows for the connection of up to 48 digital endpoints. Up to two Inter-Tel DEI units can be added to the Inter-Tel CS-5200, CS-5400 or CS-5600 servers, enabling you to deploy up to 96 digital endpoints. Digital ports on the Inter-Tel DEI can be split into two analog lines by utilizing Single Line Adapters (SLA) allowing for any mix of digital and/or analog extensions up to 48 per DEI, or 96 total per communications server.


  • Three modular bays that each accept a digital endpoint module
  • Support for a single line adapter allowing for two analog endpoints to connect as separate extensions using a single digital port
  • Support for Inter-Tel Model 8000 series digital endpoints


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