Cloud-based Phone Systems Are Taking Over Premise-based Phone Systems


RingCentral cloud-based phone systems vs. premise-based phone systems.

Cloud phones

  • No on-site hardware needed, ever
  • Fast and free implementations
  • No monthly contracts needed
  • Free upgrades to new functionality
  • Free 24/7 customer support
  • Self-manage the system from any smart device
  • Add or re-purpose lines at will

Conventional landlines

  • Pay thousands up front for on-site hardware

  • Pay thousands more for complex implementations

  • Required contracts have early termination fees

  • Service and hardware upgrades require additional fees

  • Premium technical support requires additional fees

  • Maintenance requires trained IT technicians

  • Lengthy request process to make service changes

Visit us and get a free estimate on your new RingCentral phone system and see why this will be the last phone system you ever own.  There will no longer be bills for technicians making on-site visits.  No more paying for phone lines.  No out of pocket expense needed to get started.  Most importantly, you can be connected everywhere you go with a desk phone, cell phone, softphone, and even smart watches at no extra cost.

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