Inter-Tel & Mitel Refurbished Phone Equipment–Leaders in the industry for 44+ years.


44+ Years of excellence in customer service, quality products, & low pricing.  Specializing in Inter-tel and Mitel 5000 / Mitel MiVoice.

Other companies buy and sell refurbished telephone equipment but they don’t really test their equipment.  They probably sell a lot of different products.  They clean what they buy, ship it out, and hope that it works.  Not Office Automation.  Everything is tested before it’s sent out so we have one of the lowest failure rates in the market.  Not only do we warranty all of our equipment, but you are less likely to have a problem with our equipment than you would with other vendors.

Office Automation is your #1 source for your refurbished Inter-Tel and Mitel MiVoice telephone equipment.  We have been saving our valued customers money off of retail pricing since 1975.  For those that want to save even more money, we have an exceptional repair department where you get a full one year warranty just as you would if purchasing from us.  We also carry Un-Used Mitel products should you need them.
We have some of the lowest prices you can find and we are constantly running specials.  Visit our website at to see what deals we are offering and check out our wide selection of products.  Customer service is very important to us so please call or email with any questions and we will respond immediately.
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Mitel 5330e IP Phone